Manish Rai

An explorer of ageing experiences, on a quest to inspire generations to visualize longevity dividend as an opportunity.

Treading uncharted waters arising from personal experiences, Manish quit his thriving corporate career and added a new dimension of working at interface of Future of Ageing & Future World of Work as a Social Entrepreneur. He also invests his time in coaching budding Social Intrapreneurs.

Manish believes that the power of generational diversity, a national asset, can be fully leveraged through meaningful collaborations to co-create innovative and engaging solutions.

He is an alumnus of NIT Surat, India and the University of Illinois at Chicago. He brings multi-dimensional experiences from his professional experience at global multinational companies in the US and India in Telecommunications. Reflecting on corporate experiences can be summed in the metaphor: A Stained-Glass Window – to see what’s beyond obvious with people, systems and business decisions.

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